About Us

Experience matters.

Driving the food industry forward for over 50 years.

Why work with us?  Simple: Experience.  From founding one of the first firms to focus on ingredient manufacturer partnerships back in 1968, down through three generations of industry expertise to today, we have the partners and products your company's next project needs.  No one has more experience managing the complex requirements unique to the food industry.  Your next project is our first priority.

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Our Approach

The world's best service and selection from a single supplier.

World-class ingredients, world-class service.  We partner with the world's best ingredient suppliers and staff industry experts to help you select and source the right products to support your project from a single vendor.  Working with us gives you access to a truly massive library of ingredients to support nearly any project requirement, with the expertise to help you find the perfect fit. 


Whether you're working on a new product for a multinational conglomerate or just getting a startup off the ground, working with us will give you the personal, professional service and expertise you need to make your project a success.

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